Beginning of the Adventure Time puppy series.

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awesomecake17 asked:
what's your favourite adventure time episode?

My favorite has to be “The Eyes” the one with poo brain!
S2 E2

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I just reached 20k followers and honestly wow thank you all so much

all of you are cool and amazing and ya ily all so thank you again!!! so much!!

fronkiee asked:
hi :) so i started a new adventure time blog (ask-adventuretme) which is one of those "ask this character" kind of blogs, except with all the adventure time characters! and also peeps can send requests for a mini comic/scenario for me to draw! and i have zero followers rn so id really appreciate it if you could publish this ask so people know about it? thank youu ^_^


Adventure Time (Cute Kitten Edition)

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